Friday, August 16, 2002


Baptism is a might act of God that incorporates the person into the whole Body of Christ; the witnessing congregation agrees to support and affirm the "wet behind the ears" newly baptized person; baptism is a liturgical act, a work of the people, and so baptism never ought to be "private" except in case of real emergency and, in those cases, the person and/or parents/sponsors of the person usually participate in a rite within the congregation's regularly scheduled worship that affirms the baptismal covenant, and also lets the congregation respond in covenantal affirmation and agreement.

As we live baptized we live both in slavery/bondage (to God} and in freedom (from self); we're both dead (to sin, death and the devil) and we're alive (to new life in the Spirit). We're baptized into Good Friday and into Easter Dawn. You asked if I was "ready for a miracle?!" But I'm living a miracle, I live in grace, I am baptized!!!

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