Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Why One Way? 7


Why One Way? by John MacArthur

why one way coverHi again, everyone! And E, I totally agree with J about your being a most gracious and also a most supportive facilitator: knowing you is a pleasure!

First I'll respond to your asking why I don't affiliate more with more conservative Christians and say it is more them than it is me…I'd love more ecumenism vis-à-vis them and me, but they're the ones who consistently separate themselves.

M, I just got online and read your post and you've got it all right, alright! My friend and neighbor who's active at one of the large local metaphysical churches keeps telling me about "prosperity thinking" [theology??? I guess any worldview or lifestyle can become one's god-talk.] I'll try to comment further on your post at another time, but right now I have only a few minutes.

E, you wrote: "I have found in this world INTEGRITY is a quality one must constantly work at. But, I cannot think of a better quality knowing that someone's word is a bond." And God's Word is God's bond – amply and fully demonstrated in Jesus Christ!

Dr. Mac quotes Scripture in saying church leadership must be "above reproach…" as Paul points out, no one is righteous, no not one…but I agree with Dr. Mac (and with E, of course) not only church leadership but every Christian's gotta walk the talk.

In another passage E refers to Dr. Mac's asking, "But whose church is this? Is this your church to be used at your discretion, or is this Christ's church?" At Dr. Mac's church they "gather to worship God, to exalt Christ, and to hear the Word of God preached." E, your reference to Dr. Mac's pride is most telling!

"…a return to these six distinctives of Biblical Christianity…"

He says this is Christ's church, but Dr. Mac never even ever mentions the sacraments, not even a single time! How can any local church or church-body be fully biblical without a sacramental emphasis and lifestyle, without constant awareness of our baptism and of God's call to Eucharistic inclusivity?

To all participants and lurkers, a "God bless you all" and a big thank you from me, as well! This has challenged me and I've learned more of where I stand and I know our discussion participants better than I did.

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