Friday, October 15, 2004

Water Buffalo Theology: Chapter 11

Water Buffalo Theology by Kosuke Koyama

water buffalo theology coverPart III: Interpreting Thai Buddhist Life

A sigh and a deep breath...

Chapter 11: Buddhist, Not Buddhism

Buddhist, Not Buddhism:

"Doctrinally trained" eyes / "incarnate eyes" ... how awesomely illustrative!

"The human encounter is with a *person* and not with a *theory* or a *religion* or any other such thing." Just as God meets and encounters each of us as person rather than as a theory, an idea, or even as a Divine inspiration!

Sometimes Christians become Christianity rather than remaining Christians! A Buddhist or a Christian "complains, laughs, grieves, sweats, suffers, thirsts, and hungers." I love how he describes the idea of ice tea becoming the efficiency and effectiveness of "actualized" ice tea!

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