Friday, December 15, 2006

Friday Five: Yuletide Favorites

Friday, December 15, 2006
Friday Five: Yuletide Favorites

This week's RevGalBlogPals Friday Five asks about our Yuletide faves:

After jumping in with both feet for my first play last week, this time is a washout.

For this mid-December Friday Five, let's explore some Yuletide favorites.

1) It's a Wonderful Life—Is it? Do you remember seeing it for the first time?

I've never seen it either first or subsequent times (not a movie fan)

2) Miracle on 34th Street—old version or new?

I saw a scratchy version of the old one as a little kid or maybe that was in junior high, but wasn't aware of an updated one.

3) Do you have a favorite incarnation of Mr. Scrooge?

Don't know who you're referring to...

4) Why should it be a problem for an elf to be a dentist? I've been watching Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer for years now, and I still don't get it.

Another one I've never seen, but I'll attempt a lame logical answer by suggesting any elf's being vertically challenged means they'd have lots of problems reaching the patient.

5) Who's the scariest character in Christmas specials/movies?
  • The Bumble
  • The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, Muppet Version
  • That Mean Magician Who Tries to Melt Frosty
Your Nomination

Not familiar with any of the above...sob, sob, sigh!

The only Christmas special I know (and yes, make a point of watching it every year and really love) is Charlie Brown Christmas. No one scary there!

I cannot believe I'm posting this on my theology blog!


  1. Yay. I'm not an oddball! :)


  2. I'll be the judge of the balls of odd and it all looks good to me!

  3. Charlie Brown Christmas is one of my favorites. Being an oddball makes life a lot more fun! :)

  4. Count me in as an oddball, too...are we still oddballs if we have a majority? I love all the Peanuts spoecials.

  5. Oddball here. I am reading answers with a cat sleeping on my shoulders and back.


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