Sunday, May 20, 2007

Pentecost Banners

Pentecost Dove Pentecost Witnesses Pentecost Prayer

...and here's the 14" x 8.5" bulletin cover I designed for Pentecost—I hope this is my final back cover text!


  1. These are cool! You've been creating great art! I can envision anyone of these as a banner hanging in the sanctuary!

    OT...I can't log in to my own blog. I'm going nuts tonight, cuz I wanted to write a post! --Karla

  2. LOVE the one on being witnesses to the resurrection! but they're all good.

  3. love these leah, you are so talented....

  4. Each banner is cool and unique. You did a great job here, Thanks for sharing this with us. Love them all! Keep posting great things such as this!

  5. Color combination is really on point. It appears to be dancing when you take a longer look at each banner.

  6. thank you! I was really happy with this group and I like that the thumbnails look good, too, since that's not always the case.


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