Sunday, October 14, 2007

genesis 9:13 - this one

As much as I love the other one with the golden yellow (wheat color) text, most likely I'll enter this one in God's Creation is Good, since I'm printing it on 8.5 x 11 paper and the light text displays better, even on the screen. This design illustrates God's promise from Genesis 9:13, as God disarms by hanging his bow, his weapon high in the clouds for everyone to see.

genesis 9:13 - this one


Lindy said...

Thanks for coming over to my swell blog and giving a meow to me and Lindy. We'll take all the praying we can get right now.



Karla MG said...

Hi Leah! I only have a minute, but I'm here!!! I like the wheat text, but I agree that the white shows up better. If you're making a banner with nylon or shimmery fabric, I think the wheat would be fine, but on the computer and I'm guessing in paint, the white's better. Just my .02! ;) (((HGUS))) Have a spectacular day dear sister! --Karla