Tuesday, January 20, 2009

poetry party 30

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poetry party 30 – wings/taking flight

angelAbout twice a month, Christine Valters Paintners from Abbey of the Arts has a poetry party. This time I'm posting here and on this far by faith, my testimony blog where I usually participate in the poetry parties (and where I typically play Friday 5). As always, Christine hints at a possible focus and direction:

"In the US, today is of course Martin Luther King, Jr. day ...And tomorrow is Inauguration Day... So I invite you to enter into the image below. ...Write a poem about the process or the moment, or perhaps in honor of the significance of this day or tomorrow. (Photo taken at St. Bart’s church in NYC last spring)"

the angel
an ev-angelical
a messenger
"good newser"
announces fear not
to us has arrived a God-spell
a whispered do not be afraid
lift every voice and sing
our new day begins!

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