Wednesday, September 16, 2009

blogger @ 10...

blogger ten years old

blogger has aged into double-digits
all the way into 10 whole years
a couple months back I milestoned, too
with 7 years on desert spirit's fire
this blog, my main blog
my flagship theology blog

but what now can I say today
about traveling with blogger and before?
some of it's been like a country song
parts of it seem to qualify
as genuine Pauline shipwrecks

shoreside by sands of ocean pacific
by a snack shop at a Nevada truck stop
alongside an urban state of habitation
desert designs at a nearby hot spot
cycling countlessly through crayola, pantone and adobe
blog rings and theology schemes
Jeremiah, 2nd Isaiah, Luke and Revelation
illustration inspirations...

leading to hearing and saying
and almost everyday...
"that's something to blog about!"

# # #

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