Friday, January 15, 2010

friday 5: if

Rev Gal Blog Pals Friday 5 for today is about "IF" Friday 5

I'm lovin' this one from Jan...

dandelion1. If I were a color, most days I'd be medium golden yellow (Crayola dandelion, which is much more mellow than dandelions in nature), indigothough some days I'd be Crayola indigo.

2. As a flower (or plant), most days I'd be something bright and noticeable yet adaptable around others—maybe a zinnia. On the other hand, I frequently claim to be a weed; in the words of Charlie Brown (I think) courtesy of Charles Schultz, "Weeds have a wide tolerance for environmental conditions and the rare ability to exploit recently disturbed terrain..." What does that mean? I can "roll with the punches!" (and have done so with far too many...)

boopee3. For today's animal I'm a filly who's sometimes tamed with a slight nudge of the reins and at other times prefers to run wild and will run wild no matter what anyone says or does.

4. If I were a shoe I'd be flip-flops: most days naturally tan flats, other days, low platform black.

5.In my current identity as a typeface, my font would be Boopee... it's funky and full of expression and I've been using it lots lately.


  1. What nice answers-- they all sound like you're a lot of fun to be around.

  2. I was tempted to say weed...for their tenacity and often beautiful flowers....I'd like to think I am strong, tenacious, and have a delicate beauty...

    so, since you chose them I assume this is you! cool!!

  3. I love the font...wish I had it in my stash!


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