Friday, May 21, 2010

discipline(d) 5

disciplines Friday 5; Jan hosts today.

For today's free-floating 5 Jan explains:
I so often think I have little "discipline" in my life, but there has to be a certain amount to survive and accomplish anything. Think about the various disciplines you routinely (or semi-regularly) participate in—or formerly practiced. Tell us about five in any (one or more) category(ies) that you feel like discussing.
I'm going with 5 of Jan's example suggestion categories and [originally, that is] blogging in Pentecostal Red.

1. prayer book for remembering the womenfor morning prayer I like to begin with something in print, like A Prayer Book for Remembering the Women or Morning or Evening Prayer from the BCP and then segue into some scripture (I especially love deutero-Paul in the morning) and then into free prayer. I'd like to do something similar in the evening but generally my brain is tireder than my body, so I typically end the day with prayers for every person and every cause I can think of at the time.

2. In terms of food "disciplines(?)," I always always eat something for breakfast, though I'm not hungry enough for much until mid-morning. Breakfast is just about my favorite meal to eat out in a restaurant, but when that happens it has to be brunch time so I can do justice to the offerings.

3. When I have an upcoming music gig I practice like crazy, though never even think of touching a piano or organ when I'm not scheduled to play somewhere; I'm simply not interested. However, despite having said that, I've practiced and learning to public performance level 27 of the 32 Beethoven piano sonatas, but I've done that anticipating opps to play them somewhere. some time. BTW, an audience brings me to life! I tell people I "crave an audience the way an addict craves cocaine."

4. I wish I were more disciplined at practicing drawing, because that's a major way you learn to see. When I've taken formal drawing classes the teachers always have requested we spend at least 25 hours a day drawing, though I never have. But for the limited time I've spent I've done very well.

5. Back in the day I was far more disciplined at working out and would like to be again.

Thanks, Jan! This would be an excellent one to journal more thoroughly and track my progress and continued discipline.

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  1. I skipped this one, because my discipline seems to have gone down the drain except at work and I really don't want to brag about that right now.


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