Friday, July 09, 2010

forgetful 5

Songbird hosts today's forgetful Jones Friday 5

...original blog post was in blue for remembrance...

a) The last thing I forgot? I don't remember.

e) I track appointments and other options with an approx. 4" x 7" purse-sized paper calendar. For the past 10 years I've used the same kind (though they no longer make the slightly larger size I prefer that I think was 5" x 8") and I even save them at the end of the calendar year.

i) Yes, I typically keep a running grocery list and rarely shop without some kind of list... mainly recalling the time I needed 3 ingredients, including rice, and got home from the store with 3 ingredients minus rice.

o) When circumstances insist I improvise, I usually enjoy it but occasionally don't. The pastor I served with in Historical City (as opposed to City of History) told me I loved "the thrill of the chase," and he was right.

u) I hope I never forget the smells of sea air and scents of mountain flowers, the pungency of hot summer in the city, the olfactory sensations of vanilla, honeysuckle and gardenia. I hope to remember for all time the wows! of onions sizzling on the grill... I could list some taste phenomenons too, but will leave this 5 with smell.

Thanks, Songbird!


  1. I love the things you hope you will never forget!

    I do remember going to the store for my Mom and she mainly needed butter. I left the list at home, managed to remember 9 of the things out of ten on the list, but of course the one forgotten, was butter.

  2. of course you forgot the main thing... they say smell is the most evocative sense, and I believe it. But I also want to have a chance to taste some of those smells!

  3. glad to hear that there are others who resort to paper calendars

  4. Those are great things to remember! So glad you played this one.


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