Thursday, July 29, 2010

lovin' the place you're in 5

kathrynzj hosts loving'the one you're with / lovin' the place you're in 5:

please name five things you like about where you are living now... and as your bonus - 1 thing you don't like.

1. year-round weather is great!!

2. 4 distinctly different climates within about a half-hour of each other: beach/ seacoast/ ocean; inland; desert; mountain...

sea bright new3. central business district, inner-city, working-class and affluent suburban within an easy concentric ring; small town and rural within about a 45-minute range; international border less than an hour away.

4. although my apartment complex weighs in on the side of Asian and Hispanic, there's also a fair African-American and Caucasian proportion, making for an excellently attractive ethnic and cultural mix.

5. lots of culinary and gastronomical diversity in locally owned, regional and national restaurants, fast-food, sit-down, high-end and "other" (whatever I mean by that).

bonus. during spring 2004 I observed, "I love being everywhere, feel everywhere is home for me, yet I always have a sense of longing not only for where I've just been but for every place I've ever lived. So I usually have a feeling of not belonging 'here' because of my intense longing for 'there!'"


  1. Where you are sounds wonderful! I'm especially jealous of the ethnic diversity, which is pretty much non-existent around here (unless you count the historical divide between Swedes and Germans).

  2. cultural diversity is such a plus. It's one thing missing from my waspy environment.

  3. Where you are sounds like where I'd love to be.

  4. you do live in an awesome place!

  5. Diversity is such a treasure. Where I live in SC you find it in pockets, but overall people tend to cling to others like them, which is too bad.

  6. We miss San Diego so much-what an amazing place!


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