Tuesday, April 05, 2011

sprout 5: advent hope

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We're more than halfway through the penitentially purple liturgical season of Lent, but today I'm blogging in a blue that's closer to the contemporary color for Advent, a periwinkle-hued blue. So often a tiny evidence of new life appears just about when we'd decided to give up forever, and even when that doesn't happen, remembering better times, recalling what it was like and probably could be like again helps keep the future alive; it's as if a future begins sprouting just perceptibly! In the northern hemisphere Advent marks the start of a new liturgical year and church geeks will refer to its being lectionary year A (Matthew), B (Mark) or C (Luke), but all three open with a touch of apocalyptic hope to help ignite (sprout, maybe?) our imaginations with dreams of a future. The light of Christmas sprouts through at the darkest meteorological time of all. Was that contrived? Not at all!

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