Friday, April 01, 2011

sprout day 1: intro

april blogging sproutOfficially, November is the annual national blog posting month, but the NaBloPoMo site offers a topic for daily blogging each month. For April 2011, the word is sprout, and what could be more fitting for the season of spring that's sprouting forth in the northern hemisphere and the liturgical season of Lent we're currently observing, the season that culminates in the great 50 days of Easter, the ultimate celebration of new life? Friday, 22 April the world will celebrate the 41st Earth Day (always a blog event for me); this year Earth Day happens on the same day the division between heaven and earth was shattered forever—Good Friday.

Most likely my blog posts will include some of my art and a few recipes (try Brussels, alfalfa and bean sprouts). I may reflect on plants and flowers I observe sprouting from the urban earth as well as ideas for living and designing that sprout from my imagination.

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