Friday, September 16, 2011

seeking friday 5 title doesn't mean I'm looking for a Friday 5; it means this is a 5 about what I'm looking for. Today Jan hosts a seeking Friday 5, and explains her inspiration:
I was struck in our weekly Lectio Divina group by a few verses from Psalm 105:3-4:
...let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice.
Seek the Lord and his strength;
seek his presence continually.
Seeking is rejoicing. Rejoicing comes from the seeking, NOT the end of glory, heaven, enlightenment, or whatever. Seeking is the journey—RIGHT NOW!
So for this Friday Five, list what you are seeking, whether it is trivial, profound, or ordinary—whatever you would like to share! List 5 and add a bonus if you feel like it!
1. I am seeking the basic human need of community.

2. I am seeking the dignity of again contributing to church and world to a degree somewhat related to my abilities.

3. I am seeking no longer to be constantly in scratch for life mode. Oh, I so realize everyone gets that way now and then, but it has been too too long. It will be wonderful, a relief, a gift, when the time arrives that I routinely experience more than 1 good hour each week.

4. I am seeking to perform some (lots, actually!) on the piano in public and thinking about connecting with retirement homes and even posting a notice on Craig's list.

5. God's Presence is a given that we don't need to seek, but at times we sure to need to remember and rejoice.

bonus. How can I help some of this happen? Communicating better, actually talking about myself... intentionally attending events where I can meet new people and at the same time 1) being sensitive not to overwhelm people with my background, etc. and 2) realizing people will have no clue if I don't tell them a few things. Also, without trying to be "in control," admitting a huge amount of my difficulties connecting with people and opps has been the nature of the institutional church.

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  1. Giving up control and/or engaging in communication seem to be how to accomplish most of our goals. So hard, especially for me as an introvert! (Cop out!) So glad you played today.


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