Friday, October 07, 2011

lovely things 5

Songbird hosts today's things we do for love friday 5 and suggests we list:

1) Something you did for love that was a hit:

There probably are quite a few, but I got the impression my grandmother really appreciated the garage door opener I got her for a Christmas present. After all, opening a heavy, 2-car garage door is too much for almost anyone, and though my grandfather could be extremely generous with $$$ and other gifts, he also had a tendency toward false economies when it came to material accoutrements and household appointments.

2) Something you did for love that was more of a miss:

Back in former city, I'd offered to make birthday dinner for a former friend. It was Sunday afternoon and I knew she always made extensive rounds visiting relatives after the church she attended was over; I also knew she always always, always was very late to everything—that is everything except her early morning shift as a highly skilled, experienced, well-regarded RN at University Hospital. I assembled and cooked an amazing recipe I'd semi-invented, allowing more time even than birthday guest would have needed for when it would be simmered, marinated and ready to serve and enjoy. At this point I don't recall quite how late she got there, but it was very very late indeed. We sat down to eat, she took a forkful and announced, "this is cold!!!" At that point I asked, "Would you like to wear your dinner?" Long long, story, and codependent moi always makes too many excuses and allowances for people, but she ended up dumping me because... who cares at this point? it's really funny in retrospect!

3) Something someone did for love of you:

A friend I recently reconnected with on Facebook via LinkedIn blogged about me—what a gift! We've talked on the phone several times and she asked if I'd read her blog, explained that I was the "dear friend." What. a. gift!

4) Something you *wish* someone would do for love of you:

I so wish people would remember me when they make their guest lists the way they used to, that they'd realize although the years of social isolation have made me strange to others and a stranger to myself, that what they may or may not perceive of my abilities and levels of accomplishments do not threaten them but could be gifts to them and in their worlds and (if they're pastors or church musicians) could enhance their ministries.

5) Something you've done for love of God:

As Martin Luther would insist, although "...I cannot by my own effort or understanding but the HS calls, gather and enlightens..." somehow I've been able to trust, persevere and keep on keepin' on despite everything, because I know God is trustworthy and faithful in spite of me. And I trust it will turn out best for me and for those in my future, too. Trusting? No, knowing God's final answer and response always is resurrection!

Bonus Something I'm doing for love of me:

it's gotta be my ongoing decision and attempts (1) to tell myself my current situation is far from okay; (2) to start telling my story; and (3) to ask people for what I need. Scary, because I've been trying to do all that for a while and it hasn't borne much fruit at all.

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