Friday, January 13, 2012

5 recommendations

On the Rev Gals today revkjarla hosts a recommendation Friday 5 because she's inundated with requests to write recommendations for future camp counselors, though this 5 has almost zero to do with camps and conferences.

For my first blog post and first Friday 5 of 2012, here are today's 5 recommendations:

reflections for ragamuffins1. a favorite worship resource or devotional book, Reflections for Ragamuffins: Daily Devotions from the Writings of Brennan Manning. A single page or less for each day, always something relevant for the current time, place and condition.

2. for a blog I like that others might enjoy, Idube Game Reserve is the most active of several I enjoy from the Sabi Sands, Wildtuin, South Africa. I particularly love following the individual leopards of Sabi Sands Game Reserve; several have their own facebook pages.

3. a fiction book recommendation is a tough one for me, since I read so little fiction, but I'll go with a classic, Light in August by William Faulkner. As someone southern-born, in many ways I resonate with the humanity, complexity and brokenness of Faulkner's characters, but more than anything, I adore his writing. light in august

4. edited almost four years later: I'd recommended a favorite recipe/cooking site from from Trisha, a friend from A Former City I recently reconnected with (yay, facebook!), she deleted her 364 days of eating blogspot and several other blogs in a simplification quest.

suntreeriver winter logo5. it's bloggers' choice! Make a recommendation for anything! Of course I'll give a shoutout to my Facebook design page, suntreeriver design. I know lots of peeps from this ring have officially become fans, or "Likers," and I realize a few folks aren't on facebook or don't really do facebook, so given that reality, a second shoutout to my closely related design blog, suntreeriver design on blogspot. Sun and Tree and River are persistent biblical images.

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  1. the game reserve site is awesome, I love animals and hadn't been aware of that site before. Very relevant and thoughtful recommendations. Faulkner, well, I don't think I have read anything but As I Lay Dying, and it was an experience, very simple characters in a very complex story.


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