Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Five: LOVE!

Today it's a Friday 5 about LOVE! hosted by revkjarla. With her instructions,
It's Valentine's Day on Tuesday.... So, Share 5 Valentines you would like to give this year, and why—but here is the hitch,
Can't give them G-d, Jesus, Holy Spirit...
or your mom, your beloved, your sweet child(ren)...tell us about the other amazing beings in your life.
I was reluctant to play because of the ongoing lack of real community that knows me and where I can participate (oh, I know, 21st century, southern california and all those factors), yet I'm still able to be thankful for what has been going right and as seriously as I lack (basic life is lived locally and the gospel is something you can hear, touch, taste, smell and see), I still have valentines to celebrate, at least the first two revived due to the wonder of internet communications.

1. I met Heather, another artist, during the time I spent with my mother during her unexpectedly last 18 months on earth. Heather has a currently inactive facebook page and external site for her fine art and she recently began a new journey with Painting Pain (site no longer live).

2. Trisha from A Former City and I reconnected through Facebook; she has several blogs, but I'll highlight clearing the space where she actually referred to me as a "dear friend" in a post a few months ago!

Robert Indiana Love3. Without a doubt I badly need to find a local church that will be a place that will provide a place for me, but still I appreciate the weekly eucharist and outstanding preaching at Church up the Hill from Here. It is very true the liturgy and the sacraments connect me with the people of God in every time and every place, but it's almost equally so that sometimes that's simply not sufficient, though the reality prevails in my head and even in my heart.

4. Jane, my now long-time friend, neighbor, cat sitter and all-around cool person. Her ability to listen, hug, be there and not judge is a rare gift.

5. In the words of that old band Steppenwolf's Born to be Wild, I'll continue to "Take the world in a love embrace" every step along the way and celebrate the Creation that still loves and hugs me back, despite global warming, melting ice, rainforest devastation and urban decay.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone and thanks, revkjarla!


  1. LOVE that you referenced Steppenwolf. Great song. Great play!

  2. What a gift the "Jane's" of our life are...special people indeed.

  3. Take the world in a love embrace! LOVE that!

  4. praying you find that place you can know and be known... hard to be without one!



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