Friday, March 23, 2012

poetry party 56: detours

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In Praise of Detours, Abbey of the Arts poetry party 56. Christine invites us "to write a poem in praise of detours…one you have taken, or one you long to take."

This time I'm using my own photo; it's the labyrinth at the church up the hill from where I live. Jacob, who's now a university sophomore, designed and made it for his Eagle Scout project! updated in August 2015: Jacob graduated from University a year ago, and has been working since then.


detours and diversions (I long to take)

I knew I was keepin' on in the same direction
but straight as I tried to tread
the path veered, circled, backtracked and turned
to where I needed to be
I've heard in a dream
how the road that led you away
will turn and lead you home
home is what I need
I pray this time I'll get there

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