Friday, June 08, 2012

more randomness friday 5

another randomness 5 on RGBP... I love these questions from revkjarla:

1. What religion/faith besides yours captures your curiosity and why? Heathen, Pagan, Celtic spiritualities—because of ways they emphasize the Divine Feminine, celebrating, integrating earth and the astronomical seasons into everyday life, just as I try to do by following the rhythms of the liturgical year as closely as possible.

2. What is the first or most memorable pop song you ever learned as a kid? There are so many!!! For now, James Taylor's version of "Up On the Roof," because during my undergrad years I used to study, listen to music, and chill with friends up on the roof of my 5-story apt building and the song brings back great memories. I realize there are at least 2 more well-known versions, but what's not to love about JT?

3. If God were a color.....(finish this sentence creatively) God would be both my current faves and God also would self-reveal in colors I thought I really didn't care for and probably wouldn't choose. Of course I'd change my mind on that one!

california samwich4. If you were going to make a sandwich right now for lunch, and you magically had all the items you need for it, what would that sandwich be? The sandwich (rather than the wrap )in this pic is more or less what I'd make: multigrain bread; monterey jack or pepper jack cheese; bean or alfalfa sprouts; cilantro; tomato; avocado; onion; mayonnaise or aioli... along with a big glass of fresh strawberry lemonade and ideally a chunk of multiberry cobbler under a heavy blanket of vanilla ice cream. yum!!!

5. How are you doing? Really, how are you? Broken, grieving, seeking community, longing for a place where I can find a future... and I cannot count the numbers of times I've gotten myself out there since no one is going to come to me, yet life only can be given, only received as gift.

Bonus: What are you enjoying/loving right now? I am loving' that today is the annual June 8th World Oceans Day and I'm blogging about it. I'm also loving that my Facebook page, suntreeriver design recently hit 1,000 individual fans or "likers" and I haven't even counted the pages that have added it to their favorites. This morning I featured a new guest artist and plan to post pictures and an explanation of one of my more typical processes in developing a digital painting.


  1. I love your comment about God turning up in colors you thought you didn't like, then ending up liking them -- so true!

    I pray that God will bring you to a place of renewal and healing as you continue to seek.

  2. Oh, the sandwich, the lovely! I am sorry for your grieving and lonliness...will hold you in my thoughts..
    and I wholeheartedly agree about James Taylor. He's the man!

  3. Ah yes...Celtic and some John O'Donahue.

    Hope there is some clarity in all that you search for.


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