Friday, August 17, 2012

5 about friends and the gifts they bring

For friends and their gifts 5 host MaryBeth tells us,
I have been thinking about friends lately. I am so grateful for the faithful friends who have brought me along in life, and I know them in such different ways!

For today's Friday Five, then, let's do a little tribute to five of your friends. This can be broadly construed – relatives count – and you need not use names at all if you don't want to. The main thing is to briefly (or not-so-briefly) tell us what makes them super special to you. What gifts have they brought to your life?

My own intro: first of all, I love the pic MB provided! Then, right now at this very moment I'm sorting through and purging lots of stray paper (for example, tall stacks of photocopied handouts from seminary classes, though I've kept many of the course outlines just in case I want to reread any of the assignments that weren't in the books I've kept), and amidst all that, I've found probably hundreds of pages of my own notes and typescripts that show how I've been grasping at straws attempting to connect with people as easily as I used to - or plain connect somehow, easily or not - for a couple decades now. I've also discovered WordPerfect, PageMaker, and Excel 97 notes and handouts, and I'm keeping some of those for the sake of nostalgia ;) However, I'm delighted to have connected via Facebook with Laurie, Trisha, and Heather, three acquaintances from semi-former lives who have become close virtual friends. Having said all that, I'll play today simply by listing people I've met in 5 of my major interest categories:
1. theology
2. design / art
3. nature / wildlife
4. cats
5. games


  1. Beautifully played! Thanks for joining.

  2. i made the mistake for years of surrounding myself with false friends, and a few real ones, when times got hard, i got sick and i had hit rock bottom, it was obvious who my real friends were. People like Ashley and Robert who saw me through thick and thin and celebrated every triumph and cried with me at every setback. they wouldn't let me fold up into my own world of depression and because of them, and my mom's love and support, i am a stronger person, a better person and my life is so much better with all the fake friends gone. I have also found so many new friends on the internet, it started off through a few cat pages and now, all of these people i have never met, are with me every step of the way on my life's journey, and i with them. there is no better feeling in the world than to know that you are never truly alone in this world

  3. thanks for visiting... and crackers, it can be tough and it often is tough. As someone pointed out, "you gotta move the old furniture out to make room for the new," implying that old stuff no longer functions well - if at all - in our lives. As hard as it may be to admit that about another human, it's too often the truth.

  4. I'm glad to have met you online and look forward to hearing more of your story. Your art is beautiful and inspiring.


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