Friday, September 07, 2012

help! I need some... 5

Help!!! I need somebody! Friday 5 on the RevGals page...

Songbird hosts and admits, "I hate to ask for help. I love to give it. You may identify with these feelings. So, for this Friday Five, please list four ways you have been helped when you didn't want to ask for it and one way you had a chance to help that meant a lot to you."

Like Songbird, I'd rather help than ask for help, though I'm delighted if someone wants to lend me assistance when I haven't asked. Yep, I'd love some help! Over these too many years, I can't count the times I've reminded myself no one is a mind reader, they won't know my needs until I ask; they're not monsters, so just ask. And almost every one one of those times the person I've approached has refused—how terrible is that?! Some of the situations have been seriously bad (those people who've refused to write letters of reference, for example), etc. etc., etc. I've also discovered many people don't care to be helped, because of pride, independence, or another whatever reason. I've been trying hard to be less opaque about myself, so in the interest of being more transparent, here's my play for today.

help in the sand
1. When I was moving from Former City back to City of History for a while, the husband of a (sadly, now former) friend simply showed up at my door with more packing boxes!

2. At that same time my next door neighbors packed my entire kitchen.

3. My neighbor's boyfriend brought a heavy duty belt sander from work and finished most of the sanding on the table I was refinishing... I'd already spent forever with my small palm sander but hadn't accomplished much.

4. Can't remember one.

5. Can't remember one here, either.

Songbird provided the Help in the Sand image!

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