Sunday, October 21, 2012

Come Worship With Me

Come Worship With Me: A Journey through the Church Year on Amazon

come worship with meCome Worship With Me is a big, bright, coffee-table sized book for kids of any age and for adults who want to learn more about journeying through a liturgical year from Advent to Advent. Pastor Ruth Boling wrote the text; Tracey Dahle Carrier designed the pictures; Geneva Press published it. Your church library, preschool library, and kids' bookshelf all need this book!

Instead of human creatures, Come Worship With Me features mice of different ages and complexion colors. This is mainline, mainstream First Church on Main Street, with red carpet, blue walls, and tall, multi-paned windows that bring sunlight into the building during daytime hours, shine incandescent and candlelight out to the night. Pew racks hold copies of The [red] Hymnbook published in 1955 by a group of four Reformed church bodies and newer blue bibles with an approximation of the current PC(USA) logo on the cover. Author and illustrator explain "what's going on" at each juncture of the church year very very well; they maintain almost perfect balance between symbol and symbolized. I described the mice's church as "mainline"; most people from Reformed, Lutheran, Methodist, and Catholic backgrounds could relate to the book's liturgical and sacramental narrative; those from other traditions still could learn from and appreciate most of the content. Truly the only serious omission was not a single baptism celebrated during the course of the church year—at least within these pages!

Making almost enough content for a separate book, five pages at the back of the book illustrate several dozen "Christian Symbols and Crosses," and provide scriptural references along with historical meanings. Symbols also include some natural images less commonly connected with church such as owl, dandelion, spider, thistle, pomegranate. This is a excellent resource for my own liturgical art!

You might enjoy reading author Boling's comments about Come Worship With Me on the book's Amazon page.

my amazon review: bright, biblical, and ecumenical

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