Friday, November 02, 2012

saints 5

Pat R hosts today's for all the saints Friday 5: "Thursday marked the feast of All Saints, observed by many throughout the Christian world. And many of us will observe this feast in our churches come Sunday. How about you? Let's talk today about saints, how we have understood them throughout our lives. Who inspires us? Who challenges us? Whose lives have stirred us to greater discipleship? Who just has the best story we've ever heard? Try to answer these questions in each of the following categories:"

Here's a list of some of the holy, sanctified, blessed, tzedakim, righteous in my own life and world...
all saints 20121. Saints of the Bible.

Almost any prophet in the Hebrew Bible—I especially love Jeremiah and Amos. Miriam, Moses' sister, dancing for joy before heaven and earth. There are far too many to choose only a few!

2. Saints from Church History/ World History.

Quite a few usual suspects: Mechtild; Julian of Norwich; Martin Luther; Dietrich Bonhoeffer; Martin Luther King, Jr; Mother Teresa of Calcutta; Benazir Bhutto; Desmond Tutu; Nelson Mandela; lots more I'll think of after I post this.

3. Saints from Our Own Lives.

Thomas P – "Tip" – O'Neill; Ted Kennedy; lots more.

4. Saints from Pop Culture:

Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Carter (is he part of pop culture or world history?), doubtless I'll think of quite a few more in this category after I post my play.

5. Saints Absolutely No One Else in the World Would Ever Call Saints.

earlier: Can't think of any at this moment, but doubtless many have crossed my path, influenced me and the world around me.
revised!!! after reading a few others, of course!!! ...first disaster responders of every kind, fire and police personnel, medical personnel on all levels, animal rescuers. Right now at this very moment, everyone in those categories who's been helping with picking up the disastrous pieces, and assisting with the incredibly huge task of moving onto recovery, into some semblance of new normalcy from hurricane Super Storm Sandy. But then again, individuals who work in those areas generally are considered heroic by many, if not most.


  1. luving Miriam's dancing !
    and all the reminders of those i too admire..
    glad you played :)

  2. 2. World History.

    mother theresa

    3. Saints from Our Own Lives.

    my father - taught me compassion and kindness are the only ways to be

    5. Saints Absolutely No One Else in the World Would Ever Call Saints.

    people who work to make the world better - relief workers, rescue workers, child welfare advocates, animal welfare advocates, all of those who take a stand to be the voice for the voiceless

  3. Love Miriam. Also Hillary and Jimmy. Nice play!

  4. Beautiful lists and thoughts, river. Thanks for playing!

  5. You gotta love Tip O'Neill. Thanks for bringing him to mind.


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