Friday, December 14, 2012

still advent 5

Pat R hosts today's "believe it or not, world, it's still Advent, baby!" 5. I've been on Facebook sabbatical (probably will return in time for Christmas, or possible Epiphany), so I haven't been party to Pat's Advent music; however, today I'm happy to play in an approximation of Gaudete Rose to "...focus on Advent and its music—the good, the bad, the new and the as-yet-unheard!".

1. My Reformation tradition embraces, observes, and celebrates the seasons of the liturgical year; I can't imagine it any other way. Advent always feels like a clean, uncluttered new beginning!

2. Favorite Advent music? Hymns include, "Prepare the Way, O Zion," "Wake, Awake," "Lift Up Your Heads" (tune for this one has to be «Macht hoch die Tür») ... During Advent 2011 I discovered a matchless performance of the consummate announcement of Advent hope: tenor Michael Spyres singing the exilic Isaiah's "Comfort, Ye!"

3. I don't know that any Advent music makes my "skin crawl," or truly annoys me all that much, but I'm not fond of "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel." Heretical? This judicatory has been known to hold heresy trials, but I do not believe that qualifies for one. Or does it?

4. Two youthful interpretations of Advent classics I discovered this season:

"Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord" from Godspell – I deleted the link without checking to see if it was live and I don't know who the performers were;


Mosaic Youth Theater's "Oh, What A Beautiful City!"

5. Advent 2012 so far: I especially enjoyed attending Lessons and Carols twice at Church-Related University; on the evening of Advent 2 attended an exceptional seasonal choir concert/worship experience at Church where I've been helping prepare Thursday evening community dinners; I'm looking forward to playing liturgy on Advent 3 at Town and Gown LC-MS where I'm one of the regular organists (they have an anchor organist, who doesn't want to play all the time, so I'm there when he isn't). I planted a modicum of hope for myself in an Advent Synchroblog, and I'm working through a second Advent blog post. I hope to get to Blue Advent/Nativity worship late Sunday afternoon. My only wisdom for a "really rich Advent experience" would be to embrace the dark and remember the light. And oh, try to take "still Advent" in a double sense! Thanks, Pat!

Due to so many YT vids coming and going, I've been deleting links to them but keeping the music titles.


  1. I have often wanted to this every Sunday in Advent during worship.

  2. Oh: Comfort Ye. Yes! And thanks so much for playing... I love a clean new beginning!


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