Friday, December 07, 2012

table topics 5

revkjarla hosts today; here's the drill:
Our Friday Five today is taken from a small lucite box of questions called "Table Topics" that someone gave me. They are supposed to be discussion starters at all of the dinner parties one gives. I think some of them are fun, so here they are:
life stuff button1. If I could choose to grow up in a particular era I'd love to be born in 1995, in my senior year of HS, soon to begin some kind of harriage cation, amazed to read the latest Beloit College mindset list for the entering class of 2017. Unless I got super lucky in terms of admission and scholarships, most likely I'd be off to a 2-year community college design program, but I'd still be in the population cohort of 4-year college class of 2017.

2. Acid washed denim was the very cool (at the time) fashion trend I followed that now looks ridiculous (to some)? I am so waiting for it to return, and it will, you just know it's got to come back!

3. If I could work as an assistant to anyone for a year I'd love to learn more about horticulture and agriculture, shadowing and helping an expert in those fields at a urban multi-purpose agency, a place offering classes in lots of academic and creative subjects, low-cost medical care, recreational opps, concerts and art exhibits, with a garden where people could claim their own plot for the price of planting, working, and maintaining it.

4. What I got into most trouble for as a kid was... not much of anything. I never was particularly obedient or compliant, but I was creative and a people pleaser. Side note: as an adult I'm both quite an iconoclast and quite a people-pleaser.

5. Redeeming qualities of the person I most detest... ummmm... that's supposed to be "dislike") include ? I tend to be irritated or annoyed by people rather than dislike them, so I'll pass on this one.


  1. a particular era..hmmm...i am fascinated by history and past many to choose from...wild west? victorian? the mark twain years? age of englightenment? I wouldn't want to grow up in any of them, but if i could just go back and take a peek at them all, i would be happy.

    fashion trend i followed -lol when i was in middle school those flimsy plastic sandals were all the rage as well as super high hair sprayed bangs...ahh..the 80s

    work as an assistant - anne rice - her facebook page is fascinating, she travels a lot and involves her assistant in everything. how wonderful it would be to have that job for a year

    i got in trouble a lot for having a sassy mouth..still lean towards being sarcastic

    redeeming qualities of the person i most detest? well...they convert oxygen to carbon dioxide pretty usefully. how about that but since the only person i detest stole from my mom i have trouble letting go of the anger and finding much useful about them

  2. you mean acid-washed denim isn't still in? Great play. Happy Friday.

  3. So you're saying that someone who is an iconoclast/people pleaser isn't comfortable "detesting" a person? Hmmm. I guess that makes sense.

  4. Shadowing a horticulturalist--what a great idea. You could follow them around the world and learn all kinds of eco-systems.

  5. I love that you are going to the future! Well, kind of!
    Thanks for the play.
    Are you saving your acid wash denim??


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