Friday, January 04, 2013

resolutions 5

First Friday 5 of this new year 2013 is about resolutions, absolutions; Pat R hosts


0. shake it out! ...Florence + The Machine

life stuff button1. I don't know that I've ever had a most – or least – successful, beneficial resolution in terms of my way of being in the world, but I'm planning one for 2013: I was happy to receive a cargo collective (virtual place and space for artists/designers to showcase their work and interact with other artists and their art) invitation and hope to publish my own site there; that'll be a spring project. I'm close to ecstatic to have 1200 individual and 400 page likes on my facebook design page, and (of course) I have a standalone site and twitter account, but need to be my own agent, publicist and friend!

2. With regard to my physical health, this year I hope to stop telling myself as I have for the last 5 years, "as long as I don't gain any weight" (I haven't) and actually lose some. My goal is 20# in the next 12 months. If I can work out more and lose the appearance of 30# that'll be a great extra! Spiritual health: pray more, meditate more...

3. I need to find a non-virtual family that will become a [primary] place of mutual emotional sustenance. How's that for a major resolution?

4. Over the past year I've been hangin' some at 3 communities of faith, none of which has become my own primary, and have a specific hope for each of them, but would rather not make these public. "They're in my prayers," though.


5. For an area where I need to offer myself more grace, and make more demands (have I previously blogged this?), I'll quote a TV show from a few years ago. It was Dr Keith TV, a clinical psychologist talking to a young guy, who said to Dr Keith Ablow, "I'm not trying to act like a victim!" Dr Keith replied, "you're not acting like a victim at all; you're acting like The Strong Guy, but you need to demand more of others and more of yourself." My situation exactly.

Thanks, Pat! I started writing a couple hours ago, decided I didn't have anything sparkling or insightful to say, decided not to play, and then thought "why not?"


  1. I'll tell you what sparkles for me here, river: Shake it out-- YES! and your goal of finding a non-virtual "family." That is indeed a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) and one for which I really commend you, and for which I will absolutely hold you in prayer.

    Sounds to me like a goal that would be best approached in tiny steps-- shake it out and break it down, so to speak! Not that I know how, exactly... just musing.

    Thank you for playing! I'm so glad you realized you sparkle even when you don't think you do.

  2. I have been blessed to have a mother who has always been by my side, through my many troubled periods. Yet, as I continue to work towards leaving my past behind me, I have found invaluable friends online and have forged friendships that have helped me lift my spirits when they need it so your resolution about a non-family support resonated with me because this year I was lucky enough to have found that, without even looking for it. That is how I found you. :) This year I will stop judging myself by my mistakes from the past and instead focus on the positive changes that I have made. I have a few health problems that I will get over, I will get a job and I will continue to work on being positive and staying that way.

  3. Wonderful goals. Blessings to you this new year.

  4. There's nothing like flesh and blood family!

  5. That is awesome about Cargo Collective. They have cool stuff!


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