Thursday, February 14, 2013

day 2, "return"

Lenten photo-a-day challenge on rethink church

Return could refer to more ambient light and warmth starting to come back, as I sensed late this afternoon on my way to Church Around the Corner – in its root meaning, "Lent" is "spring," and refers to lengthening, longer days – but this time, it's about my return to Church Around the Corner to help prepare Thursday community dinner, as I've been doing for several months. It's amazing these returns haven't been my usual "don't let people wag you; show them you're in control; you need to go lots of gritty uncomfortable things in life," but I've looked forward to them, knowing almost for a fact I'll be welcomed and no one will target me with rude remarks, though I did experience some not exactly high end theological conversation. Bible Study won't be meeting during Lent, so some of us chatted while parents waited for their kids to finish choir practice. My picture is returning blooms in the yard between Luther Hall and Fellowship Hall; they're so springy, pretty and bright, who wouldn't be encouraged? Happy (return of) Valentine's Day!!!

2. "return"

garden, day 02

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