Friday, February 08, 2013

sneaky 5

Sneaky [random] Friday 5, hosted by revkjarla because, "Who knew it was the Second Friday of the month? I have been busy getting ready for Blizzard Nemo (really, 24 inches in Boston?) How about you?

1) Exciting possibilities sneaking up: I'm thinking about St Mark's UMC's all-media spring art show; getting some art together for my new cargo collective site; considering moving north of here; excited about longer days with their promise of spring, fresh local tomatoes, and easter...

2) How about lunch today from Dino's Gyros? Their Greek salad, pita bread, and tzadiki sauce are amazing. So are their French fries!

3) If I were to get snowed in for two days, and needed to hunker down, what essentials and treats would I store up? Living and school in the northeast and the intermountain west I've been there, done that, and remember very consciously being sure to have food basics in storage during snow months: French toast for breakfast; rich tomato sauce simmering on the stove; what's on tv; writing time; drawing time… time to phone a few friends?

4) Awesomeness from the last couple of weeks includes facilitating Thursday evening bible study at church around the corner twice, something that used to be so routine for me life stuff buttonI always needed to be preparing for to lead the next bible study. Not teaching or preaching has been a major part of my sense of lostness. It felt really good, but after too many rejections, too much rudeness, people there telling me how excited they were I'd found them (the entire story is "complicated") felt even better!

5) My favorite office/art supplies to splurge on—paper of all kinds: wide-line, 3 or 5 hole punched notebook papers; 70-page wide ruled notebooks with fun, exciting, or funky covers; sketch pads, drawing paper, every so often a package of ¼" grid quadrille papers.


  1. exciting possibilities sneaking up? hopefully my cat will heal and come out of the cone and is forced isolation and my toe might heal and i can go back to looking for a job.

    lunch today? not much of an appetite with the stress level. maybe grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup - its the ultimate comfort food.

    snowed in for two days? i would need my mind because i would have lost it to go back where it snows ever again...

    awesomeness from the last few weeks? I really have nothing awesome to put, there has not been much joy lately.

    art supplies? can't draw worth beans but i like to paint cermacis - i don't do so place to set up where the cats won't destroy it...but i used to splurge on paint and brushes

  2. BUt of course you would love notebooks and paper!
    The art show sounds really wonderful!

  3. "Somebody" needs a chaperone before she goes into the office supply store. Pick me!

  4. That is cool you are doing bible study at the church on the corner, and that the people are responding.

  5. Hope the Bible study brings future joy and that those fresh tomatoes are here before we know it... But for us that is a way off


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