Friday, March 08, 2013

life map 5

Today it's another random Friday 5 hosted by revkjarla: My Current Life as Map Friday 5

If my life were a map:

life stuff button1. The life of service I enjoyed and the friends who abandoned me still remain beyond my boundaries.

2. Among the cities or neighborhoods that need redevelopment or attention or revitalization are those necessary social connections, local opportunities, and more...

3. You know the glass always is close to full—if not overflowing! There are many verdant valleys; they include my own self-awareness and patience with people.

4. I'm lost in vast, thirsty, endless deserts of unacknowledged losses, loneliness, and overwhelming amounts of irresolution.

5. My abilities, experience, and education are treasures hidden from most onlookers but still highly visible to me and to a select few.


  1. Wow. Brave and vulnerable, you are. Peace.

  2. I'm struck by how much your verdant valleys can be springs that bubble over beyond your boundaries and the desert you find yourself in. Prayers.


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