Friday, June 14, 2013

all kinds of random 5

brown summer house

all kinds of randomness 5 on the RevGals site

Revkjarla has the right idea: "Here are a few fivers to get you ready for whatever is next in your day (or keep you procrastinating for awhile before you do what you need to do.)"

1. If I were a character in a children's storybook, which storybook, or what character, and why? I'll pass on this one…. Sorry. But I wanted to play today, so I will!

2. For this weekend I'm looking forward to going to the beach with the new sketchbook I finally bought, along with a collection of sharpies, coloured markers, graphite and coloured pencils, erasers, triangles, and rulers, to start drawing and creating some again.

3. If I could wear an invisibility cloak for a day, I'd return to Major Academic City for a summer weekday, hover inside familiar classrooms, observe former professors, initiate random conversations with current students…. (ooops, I guess not, since they wouldn't be able to see or hear me), check out some of my fave stores, snack spots, and other haunts. I'd also find a noontime recital, an evening concert, or maybe both.

4. Although there's nothing physical I routinely misplace or lose I seem to have a lot of trouble maintaining the spaces around me, organizing my writing, not misplacing details in my habitat, and for sure it gets crazy-making at time. Does that make sense?

5. To conclude, I'll use these words in a sentence: ladybug, rowing, diner, sloth, and knitting.
The day I returned to Major Academic City in invisible form, I stood by the riverbank wearing – among other things – my ladybug (butterfly and dragonfly) necklace, delighted to find teams from both sides still were rowing on the river, stopped by still-crowded old time diner for lunch, wondered if sloth still was mainly a critter or mostly a sin, as I envied (envy still is majorly a sin!) some gorgeous hand-knit sweaters promenading around on people, amazed and sad I no longer loved knitting the way I did in a former life.


  1. lovely!

    I am a lapsed knitter, too. Don't know why. maybe one day it'll come back.

    have a great time at the beach!!

  2. Your day at the beach sounds delightful. Hope you are having a wonderful time.

  3. new sketchbook! new markers and creativity stuff!
    I love it.


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