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world oceans day 2013

world oceans day logo

WOD Theme for 2013: "Oceans & People"

World Oceans Day 2013: Promises to the Ocean

oceanic blogathon
Crazy Cris announces her 5th Ocean Blog-a-thon for World Oceans Day! This year it's also a Facebook Event.

WOD Pergamo Poster
When I decided to go with this year's theme, "Promises to the Ocean," I found I already do all of the site's suggestions and then some—with the exception of a reusable water bottle, because I don't routinely carry a water bottle unless I'm hiking in the desert.

Originally I planned to design a poster for World Oceans Day, but got only as far as a Facebook timeline banner/cover photo that I'm using it as a promises prompt.

world oceans day 2013

I promise to do whatever I possible can to help everything I pictured thrive: sandy beaches; grasses, wooden fences; dunes; places to walk, dream, and tumble. A shore where tides can ebb and flow. A blue, unpolluted sky with clear, clean, easily breathable air. Seas, oceans, rivers, waterways, streams, all healthy enough to house and sustain sea creatures who make their homes in shells.
Won't you join me?

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  1. Very Nice! As somebody who lives near the beach I am always distressed when I see trash carelessly thrown in the sand. We all share this world and we should all do our part!


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