Friday, July 26, 2013

keeping cool friday 5

Deb hosts today's 5 about keeping cool. She asks us simply to...

Tell us your favorite:

1. Cool treat
vanilla ice cream, or anything that includes vanilla ice cream: fruit or berry cobbler; cake; pie...
ice cream
2. Cool drink
iced tea and/or lemonade

3. Cooling-off place
The beach in the early morning, or – more realistically – late afternoon. When I lived in the Salt Lake Valley, driving up one of the canyons or going for a hike in Millcreek Canyon could be cool and cooling, too.

. Cool clothes
Shorts that aren't too short, or a short skirt, and a tank top. I always need to have a long-sleeved sweater with me.

5. Best alternative to air-conditioning
Sitting under an umbrella or canopy on the porch, patio, deck, balcony, or veranda when there is one; otherwise, going to the park and sitting under a tree. Sometimes, chillin' at the ballpark: major league, minor league, local league, little league.

Share a photo of your favorite hot weather "chill out" spot?
Why not this this one?

california day


  1. 1. I love ice cream cookie sandwiches and ice cream in the summer.

    2. iced tea, sweet tea and lemonade are my summer drinks.

    3. my cooling off place is the living room with the sliding glass door open and a fan going.

    4. I spend my summer in capris and a tank top.

    5. I've never had air conditioning, but a nice breeze always feels good.

  2. 1. One of my favorite cool treats is Dippin' Dots in chocolate or mint chocolate chip-- it's EXTRA cold ice cream, and nice for cooling off on a hot day! :) (And usually served at amusement parks... ;) )

    2. My favorite cold drink would be something frozen, fruity, and non-alcoholic, like frozen lemonade! :D Sugar-free also important...

    3. One of my favorite cooling-off places was my grandma's front porch-- shady, breezy, and we could watch the world go by as we chatted.

    4. My favorite clothes for warm weather are loose and flowy, like loosely woven capris or gauchos, and a loose, light top.

    5. The best alternative to AC would be someplace with a shady beachfront view! :D There always seems to be a good, strong breeze coming off the ocean. <3

  3. Yummmm.... ice cream. A little goes a long, long way :)

    Thanks for playing!


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