Friday, February 28, 2014

Sarah, Plain and Tall

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Sarah, Plain and Tall coverPatricia MacLachlan brings us this month-long view into the lives of Jacob (the family's father), Sarah (his future wife), Anna (Jacob's firstborn), and Caleb (her younger brother). She writes about some of their animals and a few of their neighbors in the prairie heartland of the USA. The prose in this short chapter-book is plain and simple, yet it feels like poetry. If you don't already know the biblical narratives about Sarah, Caleb, Anna, and Jacob, consider checking them out in an internet search or an actual printed copy of the bible. I'm not claiming anything resembling exact parallels with the same-named people in this book, yet teasing out similarities is no stretch, either.

With a quick search I could not determine the exact year or decade for Sarah Plain and Tall, but I'd guess the end of the nineteenth century, possibly the start of the twentieth, so in terms of the year 2014, it was not within any of our memories. In many ways they truly were simpler times, simpler lives, yet we all need to remember, "There are always things to miss ... no matter where you are," and "You must have a garden, wherever you are." I'm very much looking forward to enjoying the rest of the series!

my amazon review: love this first book in the series!

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