Friday, March 21, 2014

trips friday 5

Jan, our host today, explains,
"Last week and this week, I am driving long distances in Texas, first to Houston and today to Austin from Corpus Christi: both times to meet relatives from Canada flying here. This makes me think of trips taken in my life: vacation, moving, visiting relatives, visiting friends, seeking a new home, going away to school, and probably many more.

For today’s Friday Five, tell about five different trips you have made in your life due to different reasons, modes of travel, or whatever category you choose!"
I love going places, whether it's a quick drive to the next town I haven't visited in a long time, or a trans-continental trek I could list quite a few, but this is Friday 5, so here's my play:

1. A long ago super fun snowy winter trip from Boston to Montreal with 5(!) people in an ancient VW beetle. One highlight was stopping for lunch in Hanover, NH, close to Dartmouth College. Snow from start to finish to back again, and all along the way.

2. Also in the distance past, I always enjoyed going to the beach on spring, summer, sometimes early autumn Sunday afternoons after church. Packing several of us into my car, actually enjoying the traffic along the way, and then getting back home in time to unpack, shower, finish homework if anyone was in school or summer school, and be all ready for another Monday.

3. More recently, spending a few days at Capitol Reef National Park. It's just a long enough drive from Salt Lake City to have that adventuresome sense, and the spirit of the place is so much better than the posters that proclaim, "The Spirit of Capitol Reef."

4. Driving solo along the (Masspike) turnpike from Stockbridge to Boston to Stockbridge, Lenox...

5. Driving up the central California coast, especially during spring or summer. These last two aren't true destinations, but closer to states of being, frames of mind.

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