Friday, March 14, 2014


themeless (random) Friday 5

1 How am I? What’s taking up my mind-heart space these days? I've decided to write and blog more of my own story, because I'm feeling broken, lost, unneeded, and what's next. As someone asked today on fb, "what am I willing to do to reclaim my joy?"

2 For St. Patrick’s Day, I'll be celebrating on Sunday at the church where I'll again be supply organist. The pastor's heritage is Irish, and we'll commemorate St. Patrick by singing Slane and St. Patrick's Breastplate. Whether or not I'll figure out Irish food to enjoy still is up for grabs.

3 Besides RevGalBlogPals' every Thursday Ask The Matriarch, which has helped me feel through and sometimes even go beyond some of my own experiences in, around, and by the church, I often read John McWade's Before and After for design ideas and commentaries.

4 Host Karla admits, "I got nothin’ here. This is a free for all. Just tell us something!" so I'm letting you know I'm loving the longer days, the hope of spring and new beginnings in the air. I'll also admit I've been saying that every spring for far too long.

5 Use these words in a sentence or two: map, magazine, sing, baby sloth, knit, penguin, love, weep, mountain, and messenger bag:

I love to find inspiration in Before and After magazine, despite my mountain of disappointment and need to weep over the knit penguin sweaters campaign being over for now. Cuter than any baby sloth? You tell me! Related to craftiness, I'm getting a hand-crocheted messenger bag with special inside pockets for my art supplies from a Facebook friend. I also need to make a map of where I've been and where I think I'm going...planning to sing along the way. I need to reclaim my joy!!

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