Saturday, March 22, 2014

world water day 2014

United Nations World Water Day 2014 features...

Water & Energy.

world water dayHistorically WWD has been primarily about freshwater with its extremely low saline content, but who can think of water and energy and power without considering the world's salty oceans and rivers?

Windmills have been used close to forever to help harness and exploit the power of water for grinding grains so the baker can bake bread so the people can be fed, for generating electricity to light up our lives. The water windmills energize has other uses, too. Dams can generate electricity; they store water for crop irrigation and human use, including human and critter hydration from clean drinking water. In general, dams built to shore up water reservoirs remain controversial. Any human-built dam leads to reduced sediment flowing downstream so the riverbed erodes without rebuilding; less sediment impacts and changes every ecosystem along the shore. Dams often prevent beneficial natural seasonal flooding of savannas, forests, and other vital ecological elements.

That's less than a scant handful of water-energy connections. What others have you experienced in action?

world water day

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