Friday, April 04, 2014

mulberry bush 5

3dogmom hosts an all around the mulberry bush 5 and wonders, "When you need to hold disparate parts of your life in tension, what do you do? Share five things that steady your pace, recharge your batteries and invite peace to your soul."

Like 3dogmom, I usually hanker after whatever I can find to feed my five senses; here are 5 possible quick and usually readily at-hand options. Sorry about no pics—as a creative, I'm becoming even more careful about using pics, and though I could find a few of my own for each of these, I want to play and post at least reasonably on time today:

1. taste: a big classic green salad, minimally including 2 or 3 types of lettuce, tomatoes, onions that don't bite, sweet cukes, and creamy Italian dressing. Add warm, fresh bread and butter, and it's a soul-satisfying feast.

2. smell: vanilla extract!

3. sound: too stressed and whatever to retrieve a CD? One of my almost dozen YouTube playlists will do.

4. vision: look outside myself at the trees, the up and coming spring flowers, the sky... sometimes I enjoy looking at my own print portfolio or my design website that intentionally doesn't have a lot of content, but presents it more coherently than my facebook page does

5. touch: kitteh snuggles

1 comment:

  1. 1. taste: so many to choose from...a good bite of cheesecake can cure a lot of troubles

    2. smell: apples and cinnamon

    3. sound: I love music in the background

    4. vision: I stare out windows a lot. My favorite thing to stare at to sooth my soul is the ocean.

    5. touch: my big fluffy robe and my cats


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