Friday, May 09, 2014

better late than never 5

Again it's Karla's turn to host—better late than never 5.

draw a bird day seagulls
1. I cannot imagine any one bird being my fave, but since I had a convenient version of one of my drawings of seagulls from this year's Draw A Bird Day, I'll claim gulls in general for now. I love watching and listening to them along the shore; the California Gull is the state bird of Utah, and they even have their own formal monument in Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake City! Other contenders include Cardinal, Eastern Bluejay, Western Bluejay...and I have a serious case of ornithophobia.

2. Typically I'm most forgetful about almost nothing, but for some reason I'm still spacing answering the email from the Justice Overcoming Boundaries organizer I met at a meeting during the season of Epiphany. Yes, I truly do want to meet her for lunch or a snack. Really I do.

3. I love both, but prefer the psychological, spiritual, and physical experience of sunrises, though sunsets tend to be prettier, and I also love the sense of the fulness of the day sunsets often convey.

4. What ever happened to Grape Soda? Did the Fanta company bite the dust? I don't know, and didn't google the answer (yet).

5. Using words in a sentence: Needing to make a U-turn sign annoyed me so, especially since I already was late and could have obviated the need to turn back with a quick click of a mouse before leaving home, but by turning abound, at least I got to enjoy watching a bat fly solo over the cerulean blue ocean!


  1. Thanks for playing! I like how you framed the sunset/sunrise question.

  2. great play!
    your drawing is fabulous and do appreciate the framing as Karla says..
    another fanta search response here too =)
    happiest weekending

  3. "fanta" I completely forgot that word and that name for pop/ your photo and your play...!

  4. My favorite bird is the bluebird, I have a copy of the Mad Bluebird photo in my room. :)


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