Friday, July 11, 2014

another random 5

Today it's another random 5; Karla hosts.

1. What makes you happy in your happy hour? ...essentially, what do you do to relax at the end of your week (day, etc.)?

Back in the day, it almost always was meeting up with friends or a friend for lunch, dinner, or a snack; because I knew they'd always be there for me, I also used to be cool with a more solitary activity. These days nothing seems to work. Or play.

2. What’s your favorite summer “garment”?

I love printed or plain short skirts and shorts―sandals, too. These days I usually wear fairly good quality flip-flops, but at the end of the last century it was Tevas that now seem so very very 20th century; before that I had two pairs of custom-made leather sandals and resoled each pair twice. I've been noticing lots of long skirts and long dresses everywhere, as in the supermarket and big box stores. I love long, as well, but historically have reserved them for Sundays and church. Need to rethink that one! One more thing: in this coastal desert, nights are very cool, so you need at least to have a long sleeved shirt or sweater with you.

3. Karla told us she'd discovered Ipswich (Massachusetts, New England) fried clams, and wonders, "Do you have a summer food you might splurge on once or twice in the summer?"

Hey, I've lived in New England; from the North End of Boston and from the North Shore in Salem, had to drive up the shore at least once each summer to The Clambox. More recently and more locally? There's gotta be something good. Let's make it two scoops of Thrifty Ice Cream at any RiteAid!

4. A specific fond memory of summers of your childhood?

The early teens summer or two I wasn't old enough yet to legally work, but sick and tired of simply chillin', so despite never being much of a reader, I joined the library summer reading club and read up a storm. Probably didn't even come close to reading the most books for my age group, but it sure was fun!

5. Use these words in a sentence: snail, baby duck, camper, ice cream, surfboard, cherries.

Did you realize the yellow rubber ducky that ships with Adobe Photoshop is an adult? But you can use Photoshop to shrink him/her and create your own baby duck; (classic non sequitur) after all, with the ascendancy of email, snail mail has become even more of a pleasure than ever. Getting Thrifty ice cream with cherries {they don't really have toppings} at RiteAid is a year-round treat, even more so during summer when surfboards proliferate and I need to consider soon becoming a literal happy camper for a few days north of here in the desert.


  1. 1. Let's see, for my "happy hour" I'm usually happy to come home and spend some time with my kitties, just unwinding, and now also spend time with the bf! :D

    2.My favorite summer garment has to be denim shorts. I wear them as often as I can get away with it. If not them, then some dressier capris or a split skirt! :)

    3. Favorite summer "splurge" food is tough... I love a lot of summer produce, but that's actually *good* for me! :D Ice cream at Bruster's might be a good bet.

    4. Oh, wow, I guess one of my fondest memories of childhood is our yearly (almost) trip to Kennywood. I have always loved amusement parks, even when I was still mostly scared of the big rides! :) I also loved playing outside all day with my friends, especially in the little wading pools we'd usually get.

    5. "After watching the baby duck play with the snail, this happy camper went to the ice cream shop with the giant surfboard out front, and had a hot fudge sundae with extra cherries on top!" :D

  2. Glad to have you back with the Friday Five.

  3. Thanks for playing! My prayer is that you find your happy in your happy hour. So many of us did the library summer reading, funny.
    Peace to you! I'm reserving one more trip to the Clambox, and will think of you!


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