Friday, July 25, 2014

background music 5

Today Deb hosts and asks five questions about background music.

youtube playlists list july

My header image is a screen capture of my current YouTube playlists; I'm happy to find a place to display it!

1. In a workplace setting – office or "other" – typically I want to turn up the music, but occasionally need to drown out bad taste with headphones, or more accurately, wish I had headphones, since in such cases earbuds don't work well enough.

2. Most grocery stores and malls around here play very likable music, almost never anything that makes my ears hurt or pains my musical sensibilities! In fact, my only complaint is at times I wish they'd play the music louder, so I could hear it better.

3. In the interest of getting this blogged, I'll say my “perfect playlist” would be about an hour long, and include selections from all the categories in my YT playlists. Some of those contain duplicates, because of music in more than one category, and music I want to hear a lot.

4. The church I attended for a while usually started playing recorded music quietly about 30 minutes before the scheduled start of worship; formal organ prelude was only a couple minutes long, in order to set the tone. I loved entering that space filled with earlyish morning light and lovely sound.

Ages ago when I served as church musician, I played Daniel Pinkham's "When The Morning Stars Sang Together" for organ and electronic media. Although the score came with a recording, the performer (me!) needed to re-record the accompaniment to fit their general tempo, pauses, and other idiosyncrasies. I included a visual accompaniment of slides from the old Hansen (now Clark) Planetarium in Salt Lake City. Some of the most overall conservative people in the congregation loved it! Sorry I couldn't find a video with a quick YT search.

5. The earliest I've ever heard Christmas music in a retail store was mid-August a few years ago in Big!Lots—formerly Pic 'N' Save and/or MacFrugals in some areas if you had them.


  1. Ooh, these are kinda tough! Okay, I'll give it a shot:

    1.At the office-- it depends. Sometimes I can't concentrate with music playing, especially anything with vocals, though unless I'm really stressed or needing to focus, classical is good. Headphones if neighbors are involved! :)

    2. Most grocery store/mall music doesn't bother me, though when I'm at they gym I feel kinda old, because I don't recognize most of it anymore! :D

    3. Wow, this perfect playlist thing is tough! I like such a huge variety of music, and I like to listen to what suits my mood, so it would include a HUGE variety of rock, pop, and heavy metal. I like stuff from Tom Petty and Rod Stewart to Metallica and AC/DC! :D (Not to mention some more "controversial" bands...)

    4. This doesn't apply to me...

    5. I think the earliest I've heard Christmas music was October or so, but I'm not sure.

    Bonus: LOVE this Weird Al question! I wish I was good at coming up with parody titles, but the song that immediately popped into my mind (that's NOT a parody) was Meat Loaf's "Life Is a Lemon (And I Want My Money Back)"! :D :D

  2. 1. In the workplace, I like to have something on in the background. I never play music while at the office though, but when working on Fiverr at home, I often have music on softly in the background. It just helps to have something on in the background.
    2. I don’t often pay attention to what grocery stores have on.
    3. perfect playlist….depends….no single answer to that because my playlist depends greatly on my mood.
    4. I do not often go to church but before our church was absorbed into a larger and more modern church they always had somebody playing the organ for about twenty minutes before service started and I loved the sound of that. Now….they just play recorded songs and then cram bands into the little church so your ears get blasted out, not enjoyable at all.
    6. christmas music should NOT be played until after thanskgiving...last year I was hearing it played in october in Big Lots

  3. I didn't even mention the Weird Al question in my play, because I had no clue who he was though I'd heard the name ;)

    Laura, I agree with you on size of the worship space! Well played organ or guitar and other acoustic instruments (maybe some with electronic pickups) fits smaller churches very well, but some of the amplified stuff is better for bigger venues.

  4. I'm enjoying your post and your commenters! My husband says that he's heard a Christmas songs in August. I think I must just block it out!!


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