Friday, August 01, 2014

what's in a name friday 5

what's in a name 5 on the revgals site

1. There's no real story behind my name, but my first name originally was my middle name, and a couple of people bestowed my unofficial, non-legal middle name "Sophia" on me because they perceived me as wise. Yay, me!!!

2. Currently I have two kittehs. Alley Malibu arrived as "Alley," because my neighbors found him as a kitten in a nearby alley. At that time I had Pumpkin Marigold or "PM," so decided to give Alley a middle name starting with M so he could be AM. There's a famous Malibu beach on the west coast where we live, and when I was on the east coast, we had a small urban Malibu strip beach.

3. I've never ever named vehicles or household items, but I've known of a few folks that have; it could be a fun thing.

4. Do I daydream about a name for a boat, novel, business? My curren design business is suntreeriver design! Sun and tree and and river are persistent biblical themes. I also have a funkier, more casual, second line for my graphic design: citysafari. I love cities, I love the safari concept, so brought both together. In the past I've designed as City Lights, City Delights, and simply as myself when I just did casual now and then freelance gigs.

5. Although I've had an idea and starting bibliography for a book related to ecological theology for about ten years, I probably wouldn't publish under a pseudonym because I love attention too much to do that! However, I've carefully chosen my shekinah jubilee email (don't use that one every day any more), as well as my river song tag on youtube and elsewhere. I wanted either sundayriver or riversong in gmail, but with both taken, I use sundayriversong for my main address. I also have suntreeriverdesign on gmail, and, of course, for my facebook page and my non-fb site.


  1. 1 - I don’t know why my parent’s picked my name. It’s not a name that is common in our family and so I don’t think I was named after anybody. I don’t know if there is a story behind it or not. I use the name Minerva online a lot because she was a goddess of wisdom.
    2 – I have three cats – Marmaduke, I thought it would be funny to name a tiny orange kitten after the big orange cartoon dog and lo and behold, my Marmaduke is now a fat orange cat; Wilbur, just because he’s a little “derp” and the name seemed to fit; and Penelope, who I originally called princess but somebody suggested Penelope instead and I liked it so it stuck.
    3 – I’ve never really named anything that I owned
    4 – When I was a teenager, we had a boat and I suggested two names for it, the bait and wait and the fuss and cuss and my father vetoed both names.

  2. I love the name/title "riversong." It's poetic and fluid and feels like light. Great choice. Thanks for playing!

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