Friday, January 23, 2015

5 about winter (2015)

Today Deb hosts 5 about winter because, "It's official. If you're in the Northern Hemisphere, you are experiencing winter. SO...tell us:"

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1. Winter: What do you think about it in general? Do you love it? Hate it? Or say, “meh – it’s just another season!”

It all depends! As long as I can get truly warm enough, I enjoy wearing heavier sweaters, hoodies, and lightweight jackets. I am loving the visible evidence of longer days, as well. I've lived in New England where I had major problems with winter wind chill, blizzards, snow, slush, and my inability to get warm enough too much of the time. Maybe cultural stuff, too? But I got a fantabulous education from schools in that geographical area, and also loved the summers. And I've lived in the Intermountain West, where in general it is possible to get warm in winter. Even if you're not a skier, and even if you need to shovel it, powder snow that falls lightly from heaven to earth and blankets the ground is so very different from the heavy stuff.

2. Footwear: Show us or tell us about your favorite winter shoes/boots.

winter shoes

...and tell: I got these at least 6+ years ago at the Kmart that became Sears Essentials for a brief time, and that now is a Korean grocery store named "Zion"—owned by a Korean presbyterian. Everyone who has been there raves about it, despite Ranch 99 being about one block away on the other side of the street. I'm correct on length of ownership because I remember wearing these chunky boots the Sunday Karen and Rebecca came into town from Vegas for a Chargers game, visited me after, and we went out to dinner at Outback. They commented how cute they were!

3. Discuss: Pedicures in winter – necessity or silly?

Necessary only until the week before Thanksgiving Day; after that they can sabbatical until Holy Week.

4. Toasty toes: Whether you knit your own or buy them, tell us what socks keep your feet toasty warm!

Hand-knit or high-end bought socks would be so cute and cool, but they tend to wear out and not enough people see them, so I usually buy regular normal socks in the normal regular store, and for cozy warmth I usually layer more than one pair under boots like the ones in my pic as well as under combat style and shorter type boots.

5. Driving me crazy: What do you wish the drivers around you would do to make travel during the winter months a little less nutty?

Not so much the drivers, but the city / county / fed / state Streets & Roads powers that be. How on earth can streets in an area with zero snow alongside the coast and in the valleys, with land that never freezes at this elevation have some of the worst potholes in existence?

BONUS: What’s the weather like out there? Share a picture so we can shiver or be jealous!

I am so due for a major change—I've been at least in burnout mode, close to breakdown for too long now, so I pushed myself to Friday 5 today and to take some shoe selfies and a few of the view out the front door. Here are two! I love the shadows!

winter morning 23 January winter morning front door


  1. The photos are lovely of your outdoors. What an inspirational place to live. Thanks for playing! :)

  2. Such a fun post! And I really love the photos.


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