Sunday, March 22, 2015

WaterIs: world water day 2015

world water day 2015

WWD 2015, Sunday, 22 March, #WaterIs – Water & Sustainable Development, "Greening the Blue"

Every year on 22 March, United Nations World Water Day focuses on an aspect of [mostly] freshwater. This year's WWD theme is Water & Sustainable Development (of all kinds). Hashtag phrase for WWD 2014 is... #WaterIs.

Especially where I live, work, play, and dream, for me...


You probably can fill in the details!

life • creativity • thirst-quencher • health • trees • a future • hope • celebration • carefulness • conservation

Sometimes in southern California #WaterIs:

scarcity • drought • smog • loss • sorrow • wildfires

#WaterIs those and many other gifts for many other people. Why wouldn't all of us do whatever possible to keep the future real?

word water day 2015

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