Monday, June 08, 2015

world oceans day 2015

world oceans day 2015

World Oceans Day website

The WOD theme for this year is Healthy oceans, healthy planet.

prompt from the WOD site: "Why is a healthy ocean important to you? Share your hopes and vision for a healthier ocean!"

The ocean is the earth's circulatory system. Labels for this post include water, world oceans day, creation. Previous WOD post labels have included Oceanic Blog-a-thon (CrazyCris' blog has gone inactive), sacraments (well, yes, of course! We can't have sacraments without a healthy creation), and "life stuff," which is one of my labels for some relational, hopeful, and experiential goings-on in my very local spaces and places. Given that I had no additional inspirations for this year, I'll simply we all need healthy thriving waterways coursing through planet earth because Water Is Life: you know the rest of the story!

world oceans day 08 June

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