Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday 5: taking stock

For Friday 5 today, 3dogmom hosts with an opportunity to take stock. She reminds us, "We're midway through summer (for us northern gals and pals), a good time to pause for a moment to take a breath before the force of autumn's gravity takes hold too fiercely, and pulls us into its grasp of programming and schedules and commitments."

1. What is one thing bringing you joy today?

I'm enjoying the (literal) Group (Mount Everest curriculum) group (Vacation Bible School) texts from the church in Previous City. I moved 120 miles north about a month ago, and the Children's Ministry Director defaulted everyone from last year into the group. I could unsubscribe, but these texts are too fun!

2. What is a disappointment you are experiencing today?

Another very mild case of what might have happened if I'd spoken up for myself more often, actually dared talk about myself! I so understand I hesitate to do so because of all the too many people whose only topic of conversation (conversation? make that monologue) is themselves, but people know only what they sensibly can perceive. I try hard to be a class act, and I believe saying more about myself would enhance rather than detract.

3. When you think about the past six months, when did your soul feel most awake?

Lots of times, but I'll mention the Triduum liturgy of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Resurrection.

4. When did you experience a sorrow or regret?

In addition to my response to #2, I wish that somehow I could have stayed linked up, linked in, or whatever it would have been with some church to a sufficient degree I could have gone on the ELCA's recent youth gathering to Detroit. Detroit is my dream city. In 7th or 8th grade I took my first solo flight to Detroit Metro (as a passenger: no desire to pilot any type of plane); experienced my first MLB game in the old Tiger Stadium. I prepared intentionally every single step of the way to do inner city ministry, and wonder if Detroit's in my future?

5. For what is your soul most longing?

For that elusive community of recognition, embrace, and participation; for meaning and purpose. Hey, this is not a hunter-gather society!

Bonus: is there a word or image that succinctly summarizes how you find your soul today?

I'll take this scene from yesterday afternoon of my current around the corner because I'm happy to be here and hoping for a real future—replete with meaning and purpose. Another pic from the group is my current blog background.

looking north

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  1. I can resonate with your longing for community, participation and more. The heart can certainly ache for such things! I'm so intrigued by your Detroit hunger. Cool! I pray that a path makes itself known that may, indeed, lead you there.

    Thanks for playing.


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