Thursday, August 13, 2015

desert spirit's fire @ 13

desert spirit's fire is 13

2002-2015—thirteen years makes a baker's dozen years―it makes this blog a teenager!

In terms of internet and cyberspace, July 2002 truly was "back in the day." After I finished the year-long Community Economic Development certificate program in May 2002, I noticed a lot of people had started web logs or blogs. With The City and The Cities always front and center in my conscious and subconscious, a couple summers earlier I'd created an urban page in the old MSN groups, but despite having just finished the CED program that gave me yet another credential for urban/inner city ministry, why not concentrate on theology again? I made a long list of possible blog names, and chose desert spirit's fire for theological reasons, because it was easy to say, and sounded good.

Today's exactly four weeks after my official blogoversary, and please don't pay attention to the button on the sidebar that says it will happen in 45 days―I tried updating the code, and nothing changed. In the church we celebrate important days in 8-day spans of octaves; Easter, the most important feast, is 50 days―a week of weeks. Happy Very Belated Blogoversary, desert spirit's fire!

cake photo from Gracey on morguefile; picture decorated with Bombshell Pro typography by me as suntreeriver design

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