Thursday, September 03, 2015

five minute friday: yes

Every week Kate Montaung hosts Five Minute Friday: write unedited for five minutes. Our 5-minute sprint for this first Friday of September 2015 is yes.


whenever I hear and consider "yes" I always re-collect Molly Bloom's Soliloquy from James Joyce's Ulysses "and yes I said yes I will yes"

Scripture commands us to let our yes be a simple plain unadorned unqualified single word: yes

(and, of course, whenever we say no, make that no plain and clear and clarion.)

Lately I've been saying a lot of yeses to the city I relocated to at the end of June. To the first housing I had here that was very temporary because in order find somewhere, I decided to go for higher rent than I could afford long-term, and the fourth person on their lease couldn't move in until September. Heaven-made match? Minimally a serendipitous situation. Yes!

Just last night, my first full day where I'm now living and probably will stay through the winter, a big exultant yes to living again in a house full of people who let me be, who are yes to my presence in their lives, just as I affirm YES to their being in my life for this interim time. Finally ... rescued much? YES! Rescued barely in time? YES! And let me tell ya, despite all the problems with this very old, poorly maintained house, the shower is the best I've ever experienced! Yes. It is.

Yes, whether plain and simple or with a boatload of qualifiers, is a useful universal word found in every language on earth. Better and clear than for sure, than positively, than absolutely, than definitely. I love Anglo Saxon single syllable words! Yes and no both are major winners in that category. Sometimes I try to write an expressive paragraph or two or three without a single adjective or adverb. Easy or not? Yes, sometimes. Not really at other times. = no.

This early September Thursday even is a yes for the hope a new geographical location, new people, new churches and revitalized dreams bring. And yes, I said yes, I will trust God—yes!

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  1. Happy FMF Leah! Blessings on your new place and on you as you find and dig in to a new community. May you continue to say yes to Him and may you continue to be surprised by the joy of what that yes brings.

  2. Hello, FMF neighbor! I agree, I love how there is a "yes" in every language. Just knowing the words for yes and no can get you far in another country other than your own. I hope you find many more people to say Yes to you in your new situation. :)

  3. "Yes!" can be so scary! But I'm always blessed when that's my answer to God's call. May he continue to bless you in your new location!

  4. Blessings and best wishes for your new start!

    I love the single-syllable words too. Like 'yee' and ha', especially when said together.

    Well, shouted together. My heart's still in Texas.

    Here from FMF, #2 this week.

  5. thanks for visiting, everyone! There's often a fine line between putting the best construction on everything, living as if, practicing resurrection, and lying. I don't know which category I fit. Peace and hope to all of us.


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