Sunday, October 25, 2015

25 October: Crash

31 days of free writes oct 25, crash

Home stretching with day 25 of Kate Motaung's October 2015 edition of 31 days of free unedited writes.

Sunday 25 October: Crash

day 25 crash

Continuing with my theme of mostly creation, "crash" first always is ocean waves reaching the shore with a ....crash! I can hear them, see them, and when I'm close enough, smell them and revel in the mist or spray. I've never seen or heard a glacier's crashing calving in real life, but on video that's another stunning visual, loud auditory crash. Thunder, of course! I can hear thunder's crash (the word crash carries a hint of onomatopoeia), view the lightning, smell the ozone, feel the rain. When there is rain. When it rains I also can smell the activated earth. "Dry lightning" seems to be a hot humid weather phenom in some parts.

A car crash and a plane crash, neither of which anyone wants to see, hear, experience or have happen to anyone anywhere. Every one of these crashes have a sense of haphazard randomness, but someone still could chart their trajectory, digitally capture their sounds and their sights.

My last "crash" is what I sometimes do. I think most humans crash at times; it's usually tiredness and exhaustion throughout my body, mind, and spirit. Usually not visible to anyone else, silent to the point of a whisper to myself. I wonder why we talk about needing to crash when we're tired? What other words could we use?

1. I like the beachy oceany salty seaweed smell – along with the crunchy effect of ocean mist on my hair – so seriously I've even bought some in a (spray, of course!) bottle and also saved a couple of make-your-own recipes. Alongside that "like," I also like that messy hair is in style these days.

2. I almost always think some before writing to the single word prompt, then typically write my five minutes before logging in to see what Kate and others have done—how funny my ideas today were so very different from Kate's! This time she had three buttons with people in close crash-prone proximity; I chose the one that's maybe a transit center, lifestyle center, or office building lobby. I LIKE crowds of people, though I'll admit crashing into them or have someone crash into me isn't a day-maker, but not a day-wrecker either.

October 2015 31 days of free writes

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