Friday, February 05, 2016

Friday 5: Mardi Gras Edition

3dogmom hosts today's Friday Five: Mardi Gras Edition on Rev Gal Blog Pals

pancakes stack

Stack of Pancakes via morgueFile, "by creatives for creatives"

1. What type of Fat Tuesday celebration your church will hold next week...

Church I've mostly been attending in Current City since July isn't having anything special for Fat Tuesday. One of my churches in Former City always had a pancakes and sausage and butter (and assorted greases, fats, etc) party with an admission/attendance fee to benefit the local ecumenical multi-service center.

2. Are there other ways of acknowledging the roots of Mardi Gras that you’d like to employ (a possible title for this subject might be, “Beyond Pancakes”)? (Note: this is a trick question.)

"Beyond pancakes?" Because it's still winter, I've been indulging more often than usual in tempting, tasty foods and treats to take the sorrow-filled edge off a season where most people have at least a touch of seasonal depression, even if it doesn't meet DSM criteria.

3. Have you found ways to weave the playful nature of Carnival into the preseason observances of Lent?

I've been facilitating Sunday morning lectionary study and last Sunday I briefly recapped where we've journeyed since Advent as we anticipate upcoming T-Fig (day after tomorrow), then I reminded everyone we're getting ready for baptism and resurrection. Isaiah's "feast of fat (again!) things" is the first reading for Easter afternoon /evening! Please note current signature scripture on this blog.

4. What kind of celebratory breather would you enjoy for your own sanity before the solemnity of Lent takes hold?

"Celebratory breather" is the same answer as my #2.

5. Speaking of sanity, what works for you as a means of sustaining your spirit through the Forty Days and Triduum?

During Lent 2015 instead of attempting multiple Lenten Disciplines and doing only a couple only partly halfway, most days I followed the daily lectionary readings on It's a two-year cycle not related to the RCL, and I love that it takes us through the psalter multiple times each year.

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  1. It sounds like the transition of seasons will take place nicely for you. Well done! And thanks for playing. Enjoy those sanity-keeping moments, as well.


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